Dental implants are a method of replacing damaged or missing teeth. It is a state-of-the-art technology that is very similar to the original tooth structure. Dental implants have the look and feel of a natural tooth and can last a lifetime with proper care. You qualify to get an implant if you have missing or very damaged teeth that cannot be salvaged.

This is because a dental implant process is like reconstructing a tooth from the bone area to the visible crown. There are many benefits to having dental implants in Glendale done and these are some of the reasons why.

#1: Dental Implants Are Similar to Natural Teeth

Because implants are similar in structure and feel to natural teeth, they are a comfortable replacement for missing teeth as they do not feel foreign. A titanium root is implanted beneath the gum bone to firmly anchor the crown or bridge that will sit above the gum.

With proper dental health care Glendale, the tooth can last all your life. With a dental implant, you can chew and bite normally without fear that your tooth will crack or break. The implant is solid and long-lasting, just as if it were a natural tooth.

The titanium root will, over time, integrate with the bone around it because it is designed to integrate with the body without causing any harm or introducing toxins into the body. They also look like natural teeth so that you will not feel self-conscious when smiling or laughing because it does not look different or stranger than your other teeth.

#2: Keep Other Teeth Healthy

When there is a missing or damaged tooth, it can cause additional strain to the teeth around the space where the tooth was. This is because the adjacent teeth will go through more wear and tear by chewing and biting because they work more. Replacing the missing or damaged tooth eliminates that strain.

Compared to partial dentures or bridges, having dental implants is the healthiest way of preserving the other teeth. Partial dentures require that the dentists use clasps that fasten onto the adjacent teeth to anchor the dentures. These clasps wear the teeth over time because of the daily movements in the mouth that come from chewing.

When replacing missing teeth using bridges, the dentist will file down the teeth next to the lost or damaged tooth to allow the bridge to be fixed in place. Our restorative dental care Glendale Az ensures that the dental implants are professionally done to last long while preserving the other undamaged natural teeth.

#3: Maintains the Shape of Your Face

When a tooth is missing, it can alter the shape of your face. This alteration tends to age you and make you look older than you are. Implants are not just a medical-dental procedure that will improve your oral health, but they are also a form of cosmetic dental work done by a cosmetic dentist Glendale.

Replacing a missing tooth will stop the jawbone degeneration that rests underneath the gum in the space without a tooth. The lack of stimulation is what causes this degeneration. Dental implants are similar to a regular tooth because of the titanium root installed beneath the gum into the jawbone.

This root behaves just like a natural one and therefore causes stimulation by chewing normally. This activity causes the stimulation that is necessary for normal bone growth. This maintains the shape of the face.

#4: Implants Do Not Get Cavities

Even though implants are very similar to a natural tooth, one advantage they have is that they do not get cavities. The crown material is not affected by bacteria and food residue like a natural tooth’s enamel coating. The implant surface is hardy and will remain the same with proper care. If you opt for cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening Glendale, implants will not be negatively affected or wear out faster.

Another way that implants do not get affected is that they prevent gum diseases. When a tooth is missing or damaged, the empty socket creates access areas for bacteria to enter the surrounding teeth and cause cavities and other gum diseases. With an implant, these access areas are sealed off.

Implants, compared to dentures or bridges, are easy to maintain with the regular oral hygiene routine. Dentures and bridges are not easy to clean because their design creates hard-to-reach areas which may cause gum diseases or infections. However, you will still need to go for regular, affordable dental care Glendale and checkups to ensure good oral health.

#5: Restores Speech and Natural Bite

When you have missing teeth or damaged teeth, these can affect the way you speak. A missing tooth can cause a lisp or cause you to mispronounce words. Implants work like natural teeth, which enable you to talk naturally.

Your dental bite is the way your teeth are aligned in the jaw to bite or chew. When teeth are missing, the teeth around the missing tooth can shift to try and make up for the missing tooth. The teeth above or below will also be affected since the bite force will be weakened. This is because the missing tooth does not provide the corresponding biting anchor to grind the food. Having an implant will resolve this problem since the implant will be firmly in place so that you can chew normally.

A severely misaligned bite can cause issues such as pain and headaches because one part of the jaw is straining. Compared to other teeth replacement options, implants work best to correct a misaligned bite because of the way it is firmly anchored into the jawbone.

Final Thoughts

If you want to have your natural teeth replaced, it is essential to talk to your restorative dental care Glendale AZ about dental implants. Your oral health, the state of your bite, the results you are looking for and your general bone health are some of the factors that may affect getting implants. Dental implants are beneficial to your oral health in many ways that other teeth replacement treatments may not provide.