Many people ascribe to one day display a mouth filled with healthy, shiny, and white teeth. Such an attribute often means they enjoy optimal dental health. Researchers have found that a bright smile has also been linked to increased confidence potentially leading to greater social, personal, and professional opportunities.

In consideration of such facts, numerous individuals invest significant time, money, and effort performing at-home whitening efforts, in addition to undergoing professional teeth whitening treatments.

The professional team of Wynn Dental Care, which is widely considered amongst the best dentists in Glendale, Arizona and surrounding regions, invites current and prospective patients to learn about the professional teeth whitening process.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Efforts

Oral care providers offering teeth whitening in Glendale maintain that at-home teeth whitening activities could prove valuable.

Currently, there are numerous whitening agents and kits available for public purchase. Dental professionals stress that these products are often equipped with the effective cleansing chemical known as hydrogen peroxide. This substance is known for its capacity to lessen or eliminate stains, discoloration, and any other untoward occurrences.

That said, primary oral care providers and specialists like cosmetic dentists caution that, while these materials are typically not harmful if used properly and can produce relatively favorable results, said products should never be used in place of a professional teeth whitening session executed by an experienced subject.

The Differences Between At-Home And Professional Teeth Whitening

Specialists providing teeth whitening in Glendale maintain that there are certain notable differences between at-home and professional teeth whitening undertakings such as:

The Individuals Administering Care

Obviously, there is a fundamental difference in skill between dentists and individuals not possessing such education and training.

Patients may follow instructions and engage in teeth whitening activities frequently. That said, they simply do not possess the knowledge professionals possess. Oral care providers are well-versed in application techniques untrained subjects are not. Ergo, a dentist will understand how much treatment to use and know exactly where to position said substance to produce optimal outcomes.

Access To Professional Equipment

Dental providers perform teeth whitening services inside a professional office. Such locations contain specialized equipment enabling practitioners to access harder to reach places and ensure the effort appropriately executed.

More Powerful Agents

Many oral care professionals suggest another major difference between at-home and professional teeth whitening efforts is the potency of the materials utilized.

One must remember that cleansing agents are powerful chemicals. When such products are not used properly, they could result in irritation, damage to oral components like the teeth and gums and, in the most severe cases, potential illnesses.

With such information at hand, at-home products contain limited concentrations of the most suitable cleansing agents. While this often proves beneficial to the user’s safety, it often lessens a cleaning product’s efficiency.

Materials used by experienced teeth whitening professionals are considered dental grade. This means said products hold significantly greater potency than commercially sold items.
Fortunately, dentists receive extensive education on safe administration of these substances.

The Overall Process

Arguably, the most measurable difference between at-home and professional whitening efforts is the process by which each endeavor is administered.

At-home undertakings are likely performed through brushing or simply applying cleansing agents to one’s teeth.

Professional teeth whitening, however, involves several critical steps including:


Even before commencing the initiative, dentists will record the current shade of a patient’s teeth. Then, the teeth receive a pumice polish. This substance clears away any existing detrimental particles like dirt, plaque, or lingering food.

The preparatory process’s final stage involves the patient’s mouth being fitted with gauze to keep surrounding oral components dry and fitted with retractors and barriers to prevent the cleansing agent from interacting with said features.

The Procedure

The process’s first phase involves the application of a whitening solution. In an appreciable percentage of cases, said agents will require a curing light or laser to become active. Once the solution and light have been applied, anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes must pass from the effort to take hold.

Once the preferred shade of white has been achieved, a dentist will then rinse the patient’s teeth. Rinsing is often followed by fluoride administration. This chemical helps guard against tooth sensitivity, which commonly occurs in the procedure’s aftermath.

Tooth Whitening Maintenance Tips

In addition to undergoing professional care, patients might maintain whiter and healthier teeth through efforts such as:

  • Limiting their intake of stain-inducing foods and beverages, including red wine, coffee, berries, soft drinks, and any other product containing prominent natural or artificial coloring
  • Rinsing after eating foods containing any discernible coloring
  • Eat natural saliva production-stimulating products, like carrots, apples, and celery
  • Use at-home whitening kits as directed

Above all, the most direct and significant action our patients can execute to achieve and maintain whiter teeth is to practice proper oral hygiene. This means brushing at least twice per day, flossing after meals, implementing proper and less forceful brushing techniques, limiting their intake of sugar-laden products, and obtaining routine dental care.

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